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Here's an extensive list of interesting websites about different aspects of our Monarchy and about how the Crown works in The Queen's other Realms - a realm is one of the 16 Commonwealth countries of which our Queen is also their Queen!

Although we share a Queen, each country is governed separately, according to its own laws and customs.

Let's think of an imaginary parent, Mrs Jones. In your home, she raises a family and sets rules for chores and behaviour. At work, she leads her division and sets its priorities and work schedule. At work, she leads her division and sets our its priorities and work schedule. At your faith community, she organizes a team to help feed homeless people, sets the menus and arranges the cooking. And in her spare time, she coaches a local soccer team, arranging the lines, teaching skills and securing volunteer assistants.

Like the Queen, Mrs Jones is one person: but she plays four different roles in four different settings for four different groups of people. In the same way, we share our Queen, but her role in each country is distinct, just like Mrs Jones' separate roles as mother, professional, volunteer and coach. In fact, we could say she works in four different realms.

As well, the list includes links to other monarchies in countries around the world, from which many of our friends and neighbours have come to join our own national family. So when they become Canadians, these people find it easy to understand our system of government, since in many ways it resembles something that they are familiar with.