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Canadian Sports and the Crown

A rich tradition links the Crown with sport in Canada. Many of country's major sporting trophies have been donated by Governor Generals - including the much coveted Stanley Cup. A brief synopsis of each trophy and their vice-regal connections are listed below

The Stanley Cup

Originally known as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, the Stanley Cup was purchased by Lord Stanley, the Earl of Preson and the Governor General of Canada in 1892. Lord Stanley was approached by his son to donate the cup after they founded the OHA(Ontario Hockey Association) in 1890.

The first team to win the Stanley Cup was the AAA Montreal Hockey Club in 1893. Lord Stanley never witnessed a presentation of his trophy- due to the death of his brother, Stanley moved back to England in 1893 before the end of the hockey season.

The Grey Cup

The top trophy of the Canadian Football League, the Grey Cup was donated Earl Grey, Governor General of Canada, in 1909. Originally, the Grey Cup was donated to the Rugby Football Championship of Canada until 1954, when it was given to the CFL.

Vanier Cup

Created by the Save the Children Fund in 1965, and named afater then-Governor General Georges P. Vanier, for the Canadian College Bowl. General Vanier personally presented the trophy in 1966. The Canadian College Bowl was declared as the National Football Chamionship in 1967.

The Clarkson Cup

Created in 2006 to be awarded to the top women's hockey club in Canada.

The Prince of Wales Trophy

Donated by Edward, Prince of Wales, in 1924 to the National Hockey League. From 1927-1928 and 1937-38 the trophy was awarded to the top finishing team in the American division of the NHL. Since 1993-1994 the trophy is awarded to the playoff champion in the Eastern Conference.

The Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

This trophy was donated by Lady Byng, wife of Canada's Governor General, in 1925. The award is given to NHL players who demonstrate true sportsmanship, as well as high playing ability. The first trophy was actually given to Frank Boucher of the New York Rangers after he won the award seven times in eight seasons. A new trophy was donated by Lady Byng in 1936.

The Commonwealth Games

As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (which recognises The Queen as its Head), Canada takes part in the Commonwealth Games. Originally called the British Empire Games, and then the British Empire and Commonwealth Games, the event has always seen Canadians in attendance. The Following Canadian cities have hosted the games: Hamilton (1930), Vancouver (1954), Victoria(1994)