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One of the principal challenges to the Canadian Crown lies in education. Our American friends grow up in an environment where from primary school they are steeped in the institutions, symbols and myths which underlie every nation. Canadians generally prefer a quieter but no less sincere a patriotism. Cheering the National Anthem at hockey games, taking pride in our Olympians and para-Olympians and enjoying the Victoria Day weekend as May-2-4 are all very well; but too often the younger generations have not been taught how Canadian history fostered institutions which have made us a distinct nation – a constitutional monarchy rather than a republic.

Such information as they possess too often is derived from sensationalized media reporting and the general confusion of “facts” on the Internet and mass media. This section of the League’s website is devoted to providing some basic accurate information about the Crown as a central defining aspect of our national identity. Without such common knowledge, we cannot have a meaningful debate on how our nationhood’s symbols and institutions deserve to be maintained and cherished, on the one hand, or improved and strengthened, on the other.