League members receive this lively periodical once or twice each year. CMN provides a range of material that is often unavailable or hard to find elsewhere. In addition to its own writers, it features absorbing articles by distinguished authors such as John Fraser, Dr Michael Jackson, Dr Christopher McCreery, Fr Jacques Monet, Sir David Smith and Robert Watt. It offers original articles on topics ranging from the cost of the Crown and the activities of the Royal Family in Canada to the role of the Governor General and the lieutenant governors. It reviews recent books of interest to monarchists. It praises and pans public figures and institutions in Crowns and Maces. It alerts you to controversial issues. It provides a forum for readers to express their views. It reports on League initiatives and activities. It offers a range of books, cards, apparel and souvenirs in Sales for Subjects.

Complete issues after Summer 2004, as well as the Spring/ Summer 2002 edition of CMN, are available as PDF files. Previous issues are presented as selected articles. Back issues in print format may be available. Enquiries please to domsec@monarchist.ca.

Spring 2016

This issue features commentary on the monarchical perspective of the transition to power of the Trudeau government; a report on an important legal decision upholding the Canadian Succession to the Throne Act, together with much other news of the Maple Crown and the League’s work.

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Spring 2014

This issue highlights the emerging work of the Prince of Wales' Charities in Canada, an umbrella organization roughly analogous to the Prince's Trust in the UK. CMN also provides comment on Justin Trudeau's views on the Monarchy, reviews a major new work on the Canadian Crown (for sale online and via CMN's Sales for Subjects page) and reprints the fascinating and surprisingly readable Opinion of Mr Justice Morgan in the latest challenge to the Oath to The Queen.

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Autumn 2013

This issue includes a first — an article specially written for CMN by His Excellency the Governor General. Also it offers extensive coverage of the Succession to the Throne Bill, recently passed unanimously by Parliament, a musing on the names of Canada's next three sovereigns and many other items of interest.

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Summer 2012

  • First bilingual issue
  • Complete Diamond Jubilee coverage
  • Charles and Camilla's Canadian Homecoming
  • Chairman Finch to London with the Prime Minister
  • Polls show record approval for Crown
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Spring 2011

  • First issue featuring colour photos!
  • Complete Royal Wedding & Royal Homecoming coverage including three Lieutenant Governors' memories of hosting The Queen
  • Royal Canadian Navy designation still awaited
  • Senator Joyal: La Couronne et le gouvernement par le Premier ministre
  • The New Zealand Monarchy: book review by Michael Jackson, CVO
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Spring-Summer 2010

  • Unprecedented Ignatieff Intervention Mars GG selection process
  • Royal Canadian Navy once again?
  • Itinerary for Summer Homecoming of Queen & Philip
  • Charles & Camilla tour: full coverage
  • Review of official biography of Queen Mother
  • Interview with William Shawcross, Queen Mother biographer, by John Fraser
  • Opinion: A Uniquely Canadian Crown?
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Autumn 2009

  • Harper to GG: The Queen is Head of State
  • Hilary Weston: Book on Time as LG is no Tell-All
  • Romeo LeBlanc 1927-2009
  • Was the GG Right to Prorogue Parliament?
  • The Senior Realms of The Queen: new work by Peter Boyce, OA
  • Review of two new studies on Canadian Honours by Christopher McCreery
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Spring 2008

  • BC Ferries restore pictures of Queen after Monarchist League campaign
  • GG breaks constitutional rules in Garrett Bravery Decoration fiasco
  • Queen is Canada's head of state - Federal Court
  • Survey of presence of pictures of Queen in public places
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Autumn-Winter 2007

  • Queen, Philip celebrate Diamond Wedding
  • Harper writes new Canadian Citizens
  • Skewed Angus Reid Poll on Canadian Monarchy
  • Thibault Spending Controversy: Audits & Replies by Mme Thibault & Sheila Copps
  • Crown in a Federal State — Michael Jackson
  • Extended Book Review section
  • Youth member spends summer at Buckingham Palace
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