Statement To Members of the Monarchist League of Canada From the Dominion Chairman

The tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, saddens us all.

Canada's Princess, she shared her birthday with our country, and we remember her three visits to Canada, where she was met with affectionate crowds.

Having captured our hearts as a shy young "Lady Di" and as a beautiful bride, Diana went on to earn our respect as a compassionate woman whose intense involvement in the sufferings of others made a difference in diverse areas: AIDS patients, battered women, victims of land mines - her concern was "hands-on", direct, personal and effective

A devoted mother, she gave Prince William and Prince Harry an unparalleled exposure to all sorts and conditions of HM's subjects, as well as terrific enjoyment in allowing them to pursue normal pursuits for their age during their holidays.

I would ask of you to do two things:

  1. to send your condolences to Prince William:

    HRH The Prince William of Wales,
    Kensington Palace

  2. to encourage your community's churches to hold public memorial services on the day of Diana's funeral so that all Canadians may have a chance to join the Queen and Commonwealth in paying their respects

The poet reminds us

Not names engraved on marble make
The best memorials of the dead
But burdens shouldered for their sake
And tasks completed in their stead.

May we honour Diana's memory by, in our own station, taking up some small portion of her work for those less fortunate than ourselves.



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