League members receive this lively periodical once or twice each year. CMN provides a range of material that is often unavailable or hard to find elsewhere. In addition to its own writers, it features absorbing articles by distinguished authors such as John Fraser, Dr Michael Jackson, Dr Christopher McCreery, Fr Jacques Monet, Sir David Smith and Robert Watt. It offers original articles on topics ranging from the cost of the Crown and the activities of the Royal Family in Canada to the role of the Governor General and the lieutenant governors. It reviews recent books of interest to monarchists. It praises and pans public figures and institutions in Crowns and Maces. It alerts you to controversial issues. It provides a forum for readers to express their views. It reports on League initiatives and activities. It offers a range of books, cards, apparel and souvenirs in Sales for Subjects.

Complete issues after Summer 2004, as well as the Spring/ Summer 2002 edition of CMN, are available as PDF files. Previous issues are presented as selected articles. Back issues in print format may be available. Enquiries please to domsec@monarchist.ca.

Summer 2007

  • Royal Respect for Canada's Vimy Heroes
  • Storm Clouds Ease over Rideau Hall?
  • Kenney Addresses Vice-Regals
  • Jacques Monet on The Canadian Crown & The New Nationality
  • Honours of the Crown
  • Commonwealth Honours Conference
  • Sir David Smith reviews The Chameleon Crown, Jackson reviews The Order of Merit
  • Tittle-Tattle with the Titled, Galloway
  • O'Rourke on A Canadian Boy's Coronation Memories
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Winter-Spring 2007

  • Appraisal of Mme Jean's first Eighteen Months as GG
  • Stephen Harper: Monarchist
  • Quebec LG in Spending Row
  • Earl of Wessex in Saskatchewan
  • The Queen at 80
  • Monarchist League Wish List
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Autumn-Winter 2005

  • Queen Celebrates Prairie Centenaries
  • Michaëlle Jean Sworn as GG Amidst Controversies
  • Debate: Can Sovereign Give Royal Assent in a Provincial Legislature?
  • The Clarkson-Saul Years at Rideau Hall: an Appraisal
  • The Wessexes in Canada including Monarchist League Visit
  • HM & Income Trusts
  • Some Royal & Vice-Regal Memories from Admiral Mainguy
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Spring 2005

  • Martin Government removes Queen from Diplomatic Documents
  • Charles & Camilla Wed
  • Strome Galloway, League co-Founder, dead at 87
  • The Provincial Crown, Best Hope for Canadian Monarchy?
  • Parliament Debates GG's Budget
  • Princess Alice's Remarkable Life
  • Major New Works on Canadian Crown
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Spring-Summer 2002

  • Canadians remember Queen Mother and Princess Margaret
  • Strong Poll Support for Canadian Crown
  • Golden Jubilee Celebrated Across Canada
  • Prince Michael's 12-day cross-Canada tour includes Presentation of League Honours
  • How I Received Royal Clemency by Capt (N) Peter Traves
  • Jacqueline Barlow RIP
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L'avenir de la monarchie par l'hon Serge Joyal, Senateur

L'avenir de la monarchie

L'honorable Serge Joyal: Honorables sénateurs, il y a quelques jours, deux ministres de la Couronne ont remis en question le maintien de la monarchie constitutionnelle au Canada. Mais ils n’ont pas dit les choses en ces termes. Ils ont plutôt simplement proposé que nous remplacions par un chef d’État canadien l’héritier de la reine, quand ce dernier accédera au trône. De leur avis, la monarchie est un anachronisme qui nous est étranger et qui ne signifie rien de particulier pour les Canadiens.

Crowns & Maces, Winter-Spring 1997

Monarchist Action!

Crowns & Maces

A ROYAL CROWN, as ever, to OUR SOVEREIGN LADY THE QUEEN for her gift to the St. Mark's Heritage Foundation of Port Hope, Ontario. Chairman Robert Fair announced the gift towards the historic building's $700,000 restoration campaign. Built in 1822, it was the Parish Church of the late Rt. Hon. Vincent Massey, who is buried in its Churchyard.