Statement by the Dominion Chairman on the First Anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales

This coming Monday, August 31st, many Canadians will join in remembering Diana, Princess of Wales. It is important that our focus not dwell on the circumstances of her tragic death, which is irreversible and naturally hurtful to the Princess' family. Rather, our attention should be concentrated on celebrating the many positive aspects of Diana's life: her love for her children, her fond wish that Prince William should one day become King and her ability to reach out to people and create happiness in their lives. The Monarchist League of Canada feels that a most appropriate way to honour Diana is not through public ceremony or by looking backwards; but rather for each Canadian to perform deeds of random kindness on this day, especially for those at the margins of society, and so reflect across Canada Diana's concern for the worth of all human beings. No less should we hold in our prayers and concerns The Prince of Wales and the young Princes. Supporting Charles as he carries the dual burden of heir to the Throne and single parent is the best way to ensure that in the fullness of time William succeeds to the inheritance for which the rich amalgam of Charles and Diana's influences are so well preparing him.

John L. Aimers
Dominion Chairman