The fourth study to be completed since the initiation of this project by the Monarchist League of Canada in 1999, this survey offers a comprehensive re-analysis of the operation of the Canadian Crown since the appointment of Michaëlle Jean as Governor General in 2005.

Since 2002, when controversies alleging excessive spending by Rideau Hall surfaced in Parliament and the media, many changes in reporting, operations and disclosure have been implemented, so allowing for a clearer picture of the cost of the Canadian Crown. These improvements, along with the updates contained in this report, serve to underscore the effectiveness of Canada’s vice-regal representatives and the efficiency of their offices.

This survey makes clear that Her Majesty’s representatives in Canada carry out hundreds of community, ceremonial, and constitutional duties, so representing The Queen of Canada both at home and abroad. This work is carried out with the assistance of many federal and provincial government departments and volunteers, and performed for what is in fact a moderate cost to each Canadian.

Government accounts for the 2006-2007 fiscal year provide the most comprehensive recent information available. Thus, these figures, together with Statistics Canada’s population figures, are used as the basis of this survey.

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