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The Canadian Monarchy

Canadian Heritage: The Canadian Crown

Official site of Canadian Heritage, the federal ministry responsible for organizing the public portions of the Royal Family’s Canadian tours. This web site contains information about the Canadian monarchy, as well as protocol, symbols and related matters of interest to Canadian monarchists—including a complete list of Royal homecomings since Confederation.

2012 Royal Tour

Website from the Government of Canada published to coincide with the most recent Royal Tour by Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall.

The official website of the Monarchy

Launched and maintained by Buckingham Palace, this site contains extensive information about The Queen, the Royal Household and the work of the monarchy including press releases and complete lists of Royal engagements. A section dealing with each of the Commonwealth Realms including Canada is also included. Please note: this is a British government website focussing on The Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales details his own activities and interests, with sections about his wife, The Duchess of Cornwall, and sons, Princes William and Harry.

CBC Monarchy Archive

The excellent CBC web site with archival material (print, radio, and video) and information about The Queen and Canada.

Canadian Monarchist ONLINE

A Monarchist League member’s comprehensive site advocating for the monarchy, and providing research material.

Canadian Vice-regal Representatives

These sites range paint a vivid picture of the diversity and commitment of The Queen’s Canadian vice-regal representatives. The Governor General’s site is especially detailed, with information on the Canadian Honours System, the Canadian Heraldic Authority, photos, speech texts and historical material. (The provinces are listed in the order in which they joined Confederation.)

The Governor General of Canada

The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

The Lieutenant Governor of Québec

The Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia

The Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick

The Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

The Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

The Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island

The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

The Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador

Commonwealth Vice-regal Representatives

The Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda

The Governor General of Australia

The Governor General of The Bahamas

The Governor General of Barbados

The Governor General of Belize

The Governor General of Grenada

The Governor General of Jamaica

The Governor General of New Zealand

The Governor General of Papua New Guinea

The Governor General of St Christopher and Nevis

The Governor General of St Lucia

The Governor General of St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Governor General of the Solomon Islands

The Governor General of Tuvalu

Canadian Monarchist Organizations

The Monarchist League of Canada—Branch 81

The website for the New Brunswick branch of the Monarchist League of Canada.

Commonwealth Monarchist Organizations

While similar in name, the Monarchist Leagues listed below have no formal relationship with the Monarchist League of Canada.

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy

The Australian Monarchist League

The Constitutional Monarchy Association

Monarchy New Zealand—formerly the Monarchist League of New Zealand

The International Monarchist League

Flags, Medals, Titles and Honours

The Flags of Canada

A comprehensive flag information site—including the entire world—which accurately portrays Canada’s status as a constitutional monarchy.

Orders, Decorations, and Medals—Department of Veterans Affairs

Burke’s Peerage and Gentry

A British site with a great deal of information on the Peerage as well as the Royal Family, titles generally and related information.

Trooping the Colour

The British Army’s site explaining The Queen’s Birthday Parade in history and today.

Commonwealth and Other Monarchies

The Belgian Monarchy

The Danish Monarchy

The Imperial Family of Japan

The Monarchy of Jordan

The Princely House of Liechtenstein

The Luxembourg Grand Duchy—in French only

The Monarchy of Malaysia

The Dutch Royal House

The Royal Court of Norway

The Spanish Monarchy

The Swedish Royal Court

Hoelseth’s Royal Corner

An extensive archive of monarchies around the world.