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Booklets(suitable for all ages)

The Canadian Monarchy: a colour booklet may be downloaded here, or you or your teacher can request copies from the League at no cost at Launched in July 2006, and revisited during three re-prints, The Canadian Monarchy is a clear outline for students to learn about Canada's Crown.

This colourful booklet explores such areas as: Royal Authority in Canada ~ First Nations Peoples, Treaties, and the Crown ~ Emergency Powers of the Crown ~ The Monarchy and the Provinces

For French language or immersion, La Monarchie au Canada is a colour booklet which you can download here, or you or your at teacher can request copies from the League at no cost at

Crown of Maples is the federal government's large-format soft-cover publication which you can order here for the cost of postage, or you or your teacher can ask about the cost of mailing class sets by emailing - it too is available in the French language: order here or inquire about mailing class sets at

The Beginner’s Guide to Canadian Honours by Christopher McCreery is a helpful and heavily-illustrated soft-cover introduction about how The Queen honours Canadians who have made significant contributions to our country. You should be able to find copies at a library or via amazon or abebooks.

Books(suitable for students age 15 and older)

Ask at your local library, bookstore or by searching amazon,ca - or may offer inexpensive, lightly-used copies of the following titles:

D. Michael Jackson, Ed. Canada and the Crown: Essays in Constitutional Monarchy

D. Michael Jackson The Crown and Canadian Federalism

D. Michael Jackson, Ed The Evolving Canadian Crown

Christopher McCreery The Canadian Honours System

Prof David Smith The Invisible Crown: the First Principle of Canadian Government

Hilary Weston No Ordinary Time: My Year’s as Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor