Dominion Headquarters, Branches, and Contact Groups

Dominion Headquarters

Ontario Lieutenant Governor David Onley, Patron of the League, presents an Honorary Life Membership in the League to long-serving staff member and mentor of League Interns, Anthony Hylton, in March 2014

The Dominion Chairman is Robert Finch. He is responsible for the overall functioning of the League; speaks on its behalf to public, government and media; sets League policy and co-ordinates the functioning of its branches and other representatives across Canada. He can be reached by e-mail at .

Dominion Headquarters processes membership, renewals and sales, provides League materials to branches and individuals, and is the first line of enquiry for all routine matters such as branch contacts, providing speakers and general information about the Canadian Crown. It can be reached by e-mail .

Monarchists in Greater Victoria, BC, every year enjoy participating in civic parades celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria, Mother of Confederation

Branches & Contact Groups

All memberships in the League are national. However the Dominion Chairman selects carefully-chosen leaders to chair a chain of Branches and Contact Groups across Canada in order to rally members in promoting the League's work in communities where sufficient interest exists. Generally speaking, a Branch contains a larger number of members and a more robust program of outreach activities, while a Contact Group exists principally to provide local media and residents with an additional means to find out about the League's work. While recognizing the value of fellowship amongst members, both focus on outreach, and avoid meeting merely for meetings' sake! New members are automatically put in touch with any existing Branch or Contact group in the area where they live.

The League depends on members' volunteer participation to support such local activities. Ideally, Branches hold occasional meetings recruit new members, raise the League's profile by participating in local events such as mall sales and community fairs, sponsor speakers and celebrate Royal occasions in imaginative ways. They try to make monarchists feel more supported and less isolated in their loyalty, no matter where they live.

As is true of many organizations clubs and societies, Branches are formed based on the availability of responsible leadership from members who naturally have busy lives and other responsibilities. Current Branch and Contact Group locations are listed below as well as the most recent issue of Canadian Monarchist News. If you notice that your area or community is not represented, and would like to assist in exploring the possibility of forming a local group by working with like-minded members, please write the Dominion Chairman at or one of the League's Regional Coordinators.

To contact any of the Branches or Contact groups below, you may email Dominion Headquarters at

New Brunswick Monarchists welcomed to Legislature by Premier Alward in 2013, then presented to the sitting to celebrate their Diamond Jubilee programs

Regional Coordinators

Maritimes: Barry MacKenzie

Quebec: Etienne Boisvert

Ontario: Cian Horrobin

Prairies & BC: Keith Roy


Maritimes : New Brunswick, Halifax-SW Nova, Northumberland-NE Nova,


Ontario: Ottawa-Gatineau, Kingston, Barrie-Huronia, GTA(Greater Toronto Area), Toronto, Hamilton-Niagara, Kitchener-Waterloo-Wellington Region, London

Prairies & BC: Manitoba, Regina-S Saskatchewan, Saskatoon-N Saskatchewan, Calgary-S Alberta, Lethbridge-Medicine Hat, Edmonton-N Alberta, Greater Vancouver, Victoria- Central Vancouver Island

Contact Groups

NorthWest Territories, Courtenay-Comox Valley BC, Windsor ON, Northern and NorthWestern Ontario, Belleville ON, Peterborough ON

Groups Currently in Formation

York Region, Ontario