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Canada Celebrates the Birth of the Prince of Cambridge!

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The Monarchist League of Canada joins the nation, the Commonwealth and the world in celebrating the birth of the Prince of Cambridge, and in sending our congratulations and affectionate good wishes to William and Catherine.

If you want to send a card of congratulations to the proud parents, you can address your greetings as follows:

Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA
United Kingdom

There is no need to use elaborate forms of address within your card — the salutation can be Your Royal Highnesses or simply Dear William and Catherine. Be sure to take your card to a Canada Post outlet to ensure it bears correct postage for the size and weight.

Given the realities of modern security requirements, the outward-focused approach of the parents and the personal nature of the items, lovingly-knitted baby clothing and similar gifts are neither needed nor probably ever seen by the Cambridges.

A much better idea is to make a gift to a local children’s charity or women’s shelter and then write William and Kate to let them know that you did this in their honour. They will really appreciate it.

The League is also suggesting that everyone consider holding a Canadian Royal Baby Wedding Shower sometime during this summer — a simple inclusive neighbourhood celebration, with guests raising a glass, giving a few dollars to a charity and signing a card.

Some Suggestions for your Canadian Royal Baby Shower

Above all, keep it simple. The object is to enjoy a Canadian-focused summer celebration, so how about iced tea/coffee (along with some maple syrup for sweetening!) and pop for the kids, held in your garden, living room or balcony — No need for fancy cakes — how about those maple-shaped cookies we all grew up with? Use paper plates, glasses and napkins. Choose an hour or two on a Saturday, or a Sunday afternoon for the Shower. Invite friends and slip an invitation into neighbours’ mailboxes or slots on your block — extend the Jubilee spirit of inclusiveness in what is a universally-happy event. Tell everyone to come casual: its summer, not the time for fancy dress or exciters (which would scare most babies we know!)

Explain that objects are not being solicited for this shower — as they would not be seen or used by the Royals. If someone has such objects, local charities such as a women’s shelter might welcome them. Let folks know that there will be a card to sign and a bowl/container to put their donation in — give them the name of the charity in advance in case they want to write a cheque and receive a tax receipt. If you have an artistic child, neighbour or friend, perhaps one of them could make the card. So could a talented teenage computer expert! One of them could be in charge of the container, with a supply of envelopes just in case guests need one for their gift. If everyone slips cash or cheque into an envelope on which their name is written, it makes a draw for a door prize easy! If you have an old baby crib or pram, perhaps it could be decorated to hold the bowl.

There is no need to use elaborate forms of address within your card — the salutation can be Your Royal Highnesses or simply Dear William and Catherine — then tell them that as members and friends of the League you held a shower in honour of their baby, with proceeds going to X organization, and sending your love and best wishes. — just as you might to a member of your own family. Then everyone can sign. The address appears above on this special page.

Some music in the background is a great help during the moments of the first guests’ arrival, especially if you are inviting strangers. A banner, easily designed and inexpensively available at your local copy shop, can add presence and identification to the event.

The League can

  • provide you with a door prize — just email us the details at;
  • notify League members in your area if you ask us to do so to supplement your own neighbourhood and friend invitations; and/or
  • post event details on our website, of course only with your specific permission.

Some Suggestions for Appropriate Charities

  • The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (the Canadian charity chosen at the time of the Royal Wedding):

    47 Riverview
    Gatineau, QC  J9H 4S7
    volunteers saving lives on the water

  • Ronald McDonald Charities Canada: support and homelike settings where families of hospitalized children can stay, receive support and re-charge their batteries:

    1 McDonald’s Place
    Toronto, ON  M3C 3L4

  • The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada: provides fulfilment of special wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses, together with their families:

    350-1101 Kingston Rd
    Pickering, ON  L1V 1B5

Media Contacts / Porte-parole de la ligue

  • Robert Finch, Dominion Chairman / Président national 905-912-0916
  • Jake Lindsay,
    Canadian living in London, League spokesman in UK / Canadien qui vit à Londres, notre porte-parole au Royaume-Uni
    Direct line Canadian number / ligne canadienne: (+1) 647-933-9187
  • Tom Richards, Canadian student from Regina completing studies at Oxford / un Canadien de Regina qui est des études à Oxford
    A League spokesman in UK / Un porte-parole de la Ligue au Royaume Uni
    British number / Cell à Oxford: 07449 340528
  • Étienne Boisvert, Québec 819-347-7336
  • Cian Horrobin, Toronto 647-834-4549
  • Keith Roy, Western Canada 604-454-4219
  • Josh Traptow, Alberta 403-837-7359
  • Barry MacKenzie, Maritimes 506-238-1039